Why is it crucial for you to get on the NFT whitelist (allowlist)?

Secure your exclusive access to our NFT collection by getting on the whitelist. With no public sale available, minting is exclusively reserved for those on the whitelist and holders of the All Access Pass. This is your gateway to a unique digital ownership experience within our carefully curated universe

Our NFT collections are meticulously crafted to be more than just individual pieces of art. They are integral parts of a broader, interconnected universe, each contributing to a collective narrative and shared roadmap. This approach underscores our commitment to fostering a vibrant, unified community that connects enthusiasts across all collections, rather than segregating them into isolated groups.

To cultivate such a community, we've introduced a whitelist (allowlist) system for each collection, prioritizing members based on their engagement and contribution to our universe. This method ensures that access to the minting process is granted to those who are genuinely committed to our vision. While the criteria for whitelist selection may differ from one collection to another, the underlying principle remains constant: active participation in our community is paramount

How to get on the NFT whitelist (allowlist)?

The allocation of NFT whitelist (allowlist) slots will prioritize active community members, reserving a portion for their engagement in various activities on our X (formerly Twitter), Zealy, and Discord server. Additionally, a portion will be dedicated to collaborations with other NFT projects and influencers, while the remaining slots will be set aside for raffles. We are committed to regularly posting updates, contest details, giveaways, and other community activities on our social media platforms to actively involve and reward our valued community members

  1. Follow our X (formerly Twitter) account @AngryToadsNFT
  2. Follow our Instagram account @angrytoads_nft
  3. Join our community in zealy.io/c/angrytoads
  4. Join our Discord server (coming soon)

5. Take part in the activities and development of the community