Why is it crucial for you to get on the NFT whitelist (allowlist)?

It is essential to be on the whitelist as there will be no public sale, and the minting of all our NFT collections will only be available through a pre-sale, exclusively for whitelist and All Access Pass holders

Our collections are not just a random assortment of characters, but rather part of a larger interconnected universe with a shared roadmap. For this reason, we believe it is important to build a strong community that encompasses all of our collections, rather than creating separate communities for each one.

To achieve this, we will be forming whitelists (allowlists) for each collection based on community activity, ensuring that only those who are truly invested in our universe will have access to the minting process. While the specific methods for forming the whitelists may vary between collections, community activity will always be a key factor

How to get on the NFT whitelist (allowlist)?

  1. Follow our Twitter account @AngryToadsNFT
  2. Follow our Instagram account @angrytoads_nft
  3. Join our community in zealy.io/c/angrytoads
  4. Join our Discord server (coming soon)

5. Take part in the activities and development of the community

The allocation of NFT whitelist (allowlist) slots will prioritize active community members, reserving a portion for their engagement in various activities on our Twitter, Zealy, and Discord server. Additionally, a portion will be dedicated to collaborations with other NFT projects and influencers, while the remaining slots will be set aside for raffles. We are committed to regularly posting updates, contest details, giveaways, and other community activities on our social media platforms to actively involve and reward our valued community members