NFT Safety Tips

Please be careful to avoid scams

General NFT Safety Tips

There will NEVER be hidden special pre-sales
There will NEVER be a stealth mint
Minting of all our NFT collections will only be on our website ( and nowhere else
There will be no public sale. Minting of our NFT collections will be available only through a pre-sale based on the lists from the whitelist and "all access pass"
We will announce the official date of the mint in advance, at least 2-3 weeks before the mint. This information will be posted on all our official resources
The exact link for the mint will be provided in advance and posted on all our official resources

"All Access Pass" NFT Safety Tips

The All Access Pass can only be purchased from our official opensea profile and nowhere else
No one else has the right to sell passes to our collections. Therefore, if you see any offer to buy a pass to our collections, then this is a 100% scam
None of our team can sell passes or whitelists, as well as none of the moderators have any rights or permission from our side to do so. Therefore, such offers are scam

X (formerly Twitter) / Discord NFT Safety Tips

We will NEVER DM you first
The exception is Twitter if you have previously participated in the WL giveaway and were tagged as a winner in our tweet. Only official account and no one else
We will NEVER DM you any links
Regularly check special channels on our discord server with reports about scammers
Do not click on suspicious links and always verify information and links in our official accounts
We do not have any representatives who can offer mint or buy spot in the whitelist on our behalf
No one on behalf of our team can offer either mint or spots in the whitelist. All only through official accounts and nowhere else

*Please report suspicious accounts or suggestions to us so we can fight scam together and keep our community safe from scam