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Angry Toads NFT collection (Steve) - #1
Angry Toads - S1

2D Collection

Angry Toads NFT collection (Fred) - #1
*Angry Toads - S2

2D Collection

*Collection 03

2D Collection

Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of our extraordinary collections!

NFT Utility

NFTs with exclusive access to premium digital assets, tools, and projects

At Ainforce, we're harnessing our design and animation expertise to create a groundbreaking creative hub: your exclusive gateway to unlock the full potential of your Angry Toads NFT. Go beyond the art; dive into a vibrant community of fellow collectors, access powerful tools and premium resources, and explore exciting projects – all curated for you within this member-only portal. Owning an Angry Toads NFT isn't just about collecting art; it's about joining a thriving ecosystem that fuels your creativity, unlocks endless possibilities, and connects you with like-minded individuals

Live Avatars

Leap into Action: Angry Toads as Interactive Live Avatars

Angry Toads characters will be turned into live avatars with interactive capabilities. This means that you will be able to control and animate the characters in real-time, creating your own unique experiences.

Interactive live avatars are a distinctive and inventive way to engage with our characters, allowing you to interact with them in a more immersive and engaging way than traditional static images or animations. Perfect for online gaming, live streaming, online meetings, and social media.

The interactive versions of the toads can be considered as a glimpse of what's to come in the AinCharacters project, which promises to offer a diverse range of unique and exciting characters.

Phase 1
Development and launch of a series of pre-made Angry Toads character puppets, each with a unique set of predetermined traits. This is a great opportunity for you to experience the versatility and potential of our characters firsthand
Phase 2
Development and launch of an online puppet maker that will allow you to customize your own unique Angry Toads characters by selecting from a wide range of traits. This will give you more control and creativity in designing your own unique toads

Creating Value through Iterations: Our Roadmap Goals

Short-term Goal: Launching Our First NFT Collection

This goal marks the beginning of a shared journey with our community, where together, we explore the unique world we're creating.

Our immediate focus is on refining and preparing the materials (traits) necessary to generate and launch our first NFT collection - Angry Toads (S1). In parallel, we are developing our own visual collection builder. The unique case of our collection, featuring an extensive array of unique traits and sub-collection concepts, necessitates a variety of specific functionalities and options. This builder will ensure the smooth and efficient creation of our NFT collection, tailored to its unique characteristics.

Mid-term Goals: Building the Platform and Creative Hub

Our mid-term efforts are dedicated to laying a solid foundation for our NFT utility ecosystem.

A Platform Tailored for Angry Toads Collectors
Our mission is to make collecting Angry Toads NFTs an unforgettable experience, filled with convenience, enjoyment, and community connection. That's why we're building a dedicated listing platform packed with advanced features designed specifically for you, our passionate collectors.

From advanced custom searches that go beyond simple metadata filters to special showcases of sub-collections and traits, every tool is designed to bring you closer to the Toads you love.

Moreover, we're enriching each token with unique information beyond the standard metadata, providing a deeper layer of engagement and satisfying the curiosity of our dedicated community. This exclusive content, tailored specifically for our community, will be accessible only through our bespoke website.

Creative Hub: Laying the Foundation. Phase 1
This mid-term goal focuses on establishing the fundamental components of our Creative Hub. In this phase, we'll be building the initial platform and start integrating our existing design and animation assets. This lays the groundwork for a vibrant community space where you can access a wide range of valuable resources (like icons, illustrations, video templates, and more) and tools tailored to enhance your creative projects.

Long-term Goals: Expanding Functionality and Content

Creative Hub Expansion
We aim to significantly expand the functionality and sections of the creative hub, continuously releasing new materials, and enhancing existing products. This evolution will ensure that our community always has access to fresh and valuable resources.

AinCharacters Project Development
The development of the AinCharacters project and its associated materials will take a central role in our long-term objectives. This initiative will broaden the scope of our digital offerings, providing our NFT holders with exclusive access to unique characters and content that enrich their digital experience.

Our roadmap is designed with the community at its core, aiming to continually provide value, innovation, and engagement across all phases of our project. As we progress, we remain committed to updating our community with the latest developments and ensuring our ecosystem reflects the needs and interests of our members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At this stage, we’re unable to specify the exact size of the upcoming collections, including whether there will be two or three collections or if we’ll combine all characters into the second collection. We expect to provide a more detailed answer closer to the release of the first collection. By then, we aim to have refined the character concepts to better understand the characteristics of the collections and determine a size that aligns with our vision and the concept of the first collection. Generally, we are leaning towards the classic collection size of 10K. This means the size will likely be either 10K or smaller, perhaps in the range of 3-5-7K, depending on our final decision to best suit our creative direction.

Several factors influenced our decision to feature Fred in a separate collection. Initially, our experiments in trait creation focused on the first toad, Steve, consuming a vast amount of time as we explored various sections and types of traits to bring our collection concept to life. These experiments have resulted in an unprecedented amount of unique traits and collection characteristics, potentially setting our project up to be historic in the NFT space. This super unique case not only underscores our innovative approach but also highlights the distinctive nature of our collection.

Given the sheer volume of unique traits, achieving a normal rarity distribution among them posed challenges, including limitations on the number of color versions we could create for each trait. This was crucial to maintain rarity balance within the collection.

To incorporate a second character into the collection, expanding the collection size to 20K was necessary to evenly distribute rarity among characters and traits. Any smaller collection size would unfairly skew rarity towards the second character, which we wanted to avoid.

Another consideration was the time required to adapt all the developed traits to the parameters of the second character, Fred. This adaptation process is time-consuming and could further delay the collection’s release. Thus, we decided to feature Fred in a separate collection, linking it to the first not only through the shared universe concept but also by introducing cross-traits. This approach adds an extra layer of collectibility, enriching the collecting experience for our community.

Currently, our team is focused on the development and release of our first NFT collection, alongside the development of the Creative Hub platform, its integration with our existing products, and enriching the platform with content. Our primary objective is to create a solid foundation for the planned utility that our NFT offers.

While we do not have any immediate plans to create a game, we are open to the possibility of collaborating with a talented and experienced team in the future. Our goal is to continue enhancing our NFT utility and providing exciting opportunities for our community.

We’re definitely planning merch for our Angry Toads collection. While it’s our first foray into merch, we’re passionate about creating high-quality items that truly reflect the vibrant and iconic nature of our collection.

We understand that the community is the heart and soul of Angry Toads, so we’ll be actively seeking your input and feedback throughout the design process. Get ready to share your ideas and get excited to see some awesome merch possibilities come to life!

At the moment, our primary focus is on developing and launching our interconnected 2D NFT collections and building an ecosystem that provides value to our community. We aim to deliver on our roadmap for these collections before exploring the possibility of 3D collections.

While we have no immediate plans for 3D collections, we are open to exploring this possibility in the future. Our decision to pursue 3D collections will be based on community feedback and interest. If there is sufficient interest and demand from our community, we will certainly consider it and include it in our roadmap. However, we want to ensure that we give our full attention and efforts to our current goals before moving on to future projects.

Currently, there are no plans for DAO and/or staking. However, these aspects may be considered in the future, especially closer to or after the release of the first collection. At that point, we will have the opportunity to engage with our community and align our goals and desires.

Building a strong and engaged community is a priority for us, and we are actively working on creating something unique and extraordinary to capture the attention and interest of many people. We believe that by focusing on creating a special experience, we can lay the foundation for future developments and explore additional opportunities like DAO and staking.

Yes, we plan to specify our roadmap by quarters. However, we will most likely do this closer to the release of our first NFT collection. Our roadmap includes large-scale projects and grandiose NFT collections with interactive characters, which have many uncertain aspects that need to be sorted out before we can estimate the timing more accurately.

We want to involve the community in the process of shaping our roadmap to ensure that we create the most useful and flexible format for our projects. Together, we will determine the best way to move forward and achieve our goals. Stay tuned for more updates on our roadmap and how you can participate in shaping our future plans.