Unique NFT Collections

Discover a new level of NFT collecting with our distinctive NFT collections and unlock exclusive access to a diverse range of premium digital assets, tools, and projects relevant to design and animation for your personal and commercial projects using our NFT tokens as a pass

We are passionate about art, design, and animation, and we are excited to connect with like-minded individuals to build a vibrant community together. Our goal is to collaborate on creative ideas and projects that push the boundaries of what's possible, and to continuously improve and grow together. We hope that you share our vision and will join us on this journey

What do we bring to the NFT space?

More than just JPGs.
More than simple PFP collections

Our goal is to create captivating NFT collections that appeal to the soul of collectors, while also providing practical value through digital products that can benefit their passions or businesses

Digital Products Pass
Expand the value of our NFT collections by granting exclusive access to premium digital assets, projects using NFT tokens as a pass
Enhanced Collecting Experience
Explore new collecting possibilities with sub-collections and cross traits in our NFT collections series
Unmatched Variety of Unique Traits
Our NFT collection boasts a vast range of high-quality traits, offering collectors unparalleled value
Interactive Live Avatars
Experience a new level of interactivity with your favorite NFT character! Bring your character to life using your computer's camera
Our Universe


AinPlanet is a hidden planet in the galaxy where all the characters from our universe live. This planet is an important aspect of our overall vision for the Angry Toads universe, as it will serve as a hub for all our characters, stories, and creative content

The main continent where most of the world's population lives
Mystery Island
Hidden mysterious island with various unique locations and rare populations
Discover the Next Level of Collecting
Sub-collections and Cross Traits

Our series of NFT collections is not just about rarity and unique art - we also wanted to provide an extra layer of excitement and engagement for collectors. The addition of sub-collections and cross traits brings a new level of complexity and richness to our NFT collections. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, these features allow you to fully immerse yourself in our universe and build a collection that reflects your individual tastes and interests. Experience a level of uniqueness and individuality unlike anything else in the NFT space

With sub-collections, you can go beyond just acquiring one-of-a-kind tokens and delve into entire collections of unique characters with similar traits. Sub-collections open up a whole new world of possibilities for building a collection that truly reflects your individual style and interests
Experience a new dimension of collecting with cross-traits across our three interconnected NFT collections. Immerse yourself in a universe of epic characters, united by a common theme and traits. Build a collection that truly reflects your taste and passion
Top NFT Collections by Ainforce

*Cross-traits between collections on the example of one of the styles

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to take your collecting game to the next level!

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Upcoming NFT Collections

NFT Collection - 01

Angry Toads NFT (S1)

Supply: 10K
Unique Traits: 700+ (TBA)
Total Traits: 1200+ (TBA)
Mint Price: TBD
Mint Date: TBD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Personality: Angry, Sarcastic
Angry Toads NFT Collection - Steve
Angry Toads NFT Collection - Steve
Angry Toads NFT Art - Steve
NFT Collection - 02

Angry Toads NFT (S2)

Angry Toads NFT Collection - Fred
Angry Toads NFT Collection - Fred
Angry Toads NFT Art - Fred
Supply: 3K
Unique Traits: TBD
Total Traits: TBD
Mint Price: TBD
Mint Date: TBD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Personality: Angry, Skeptic
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Frequently Asked Questions

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. In simple terms, non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique unit of data that is stored in the blockchain and represents the ownership of real-world physical items or digital assets such as art, videos, music and more.

Although NFTs use blockchain technology like cryptocurrencies, NFT is not a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is used only as a way to sell or buy NFT.

In simple terms, “Minting” an NFT (or “Mint” an NFT) is the process of publishing a unique digital asset on the blockchain which allows you to subsequently sell or buy this non-fungible token using cryptocurrency.

To mint an NFT, you first need to install the MetaMask web browser extension or the MetaMask app on your mobile device. Once installed, link your Ethereum wallet to MetaMask. Ensure that your ETH wallet has sufficient funds to cover the cost of the NFT and the transaction fees (gas fees). Next, connect MetaMask to our official mint page and click on the mint button. You will need to approve the transaction on MetaMask to complete the minting process.

Immediately after the mint, your NFT will appear in your MetaMask crypto wallet. Also, your NFT will be available on the NFT marketplace that supports NFT transactions, such as OpenSea, Rarible, or SuperRare.