NFT Collection - 01

Angry Toads (Season 1)

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Angry Toads and discover a new level of NFT collecting. Our one-of-a-kind NFT collection features a diverse range of toad characters, each with its own distinctive appearance and personality traits. You're sure to find the perfect combination to showcase your individuality.

We've extensively experimented and implemented a wide variety of ideas after brainstorming with our team. Our aim is to bring fresh and innovative concepts to the NFT collections market, and we hope that our efforts will result in something truly interesting and captivating. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to own a piece of Angry Toads history!

Angry Toads NFT Collection (Steve) - Teaser
NFT Collection Details

Discover all features of Angry Toads NFT collection (Season 1)

Angry Toads NFT collection offers an unmatched selection of total and unique hand-drawn traits in the entire market, making it truly one-of-a-kind. This, along with the concept of subcollections, makes our collection a unique case and capable of becoming a highlight for true digital collectors


Collection Size


Total Traits


Unique Traits

*This is the minimum number of traits. The full number of traits will be announced at the beginning of March 2024

Supply: 10K
Unique Traits: 700+ (TBA)
Total Traits: 1200+ (TBA)
Personality: Angry, Skeptic
Status: In Progress
Mint Price: TBD
Mint Date: TBD
Blockchain: Ethereum

The Character Story

In the vast and colorful world of AinPlanet, the Angry Toads population is one of the most interesting and unique species to observe. Steve, a notable member of this community, is a sarcastic and sharp-tongued angry toad with a biting wit that adds to his charm. Despite his main character trait being anger, Steve's emotions are complex and nuanced.

Angry Toads NFT collection (Steve) - not a morning person
I'm not a morning person

Steve is not much of a morning toad and grumbles until he's fully awake, but once he's ready to face the day, he's known for his sarcastic sense of humor. Though it sometimes gets him in trouble, it's also what makes him a beloved member of the Angry Toads population.

Although Steve may appear gruff and unapproachable on the surface, he's actually a kind and caring toad at heart. He will always lend a helping hand to those in need, whether they're friends or strangers. Steve's unique blend of anger, sarcasm, and loyalty make him an unforgettable character on the AinPlanet, and his story is one that is sure to captivate and entertain NFT collectors and enthusiasts alike

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Going beyond still images: Angry Toads as interactive live avatars

The next stage in the development of our Angry Toads NFT collection is transforming them into interactive live avatars. No longer limited to static images, our digital avatars bring your favorite toad characters to life. You can take control of your live avatar with your computer's camera and interact with other users in various contexts, including online gaming, live streams, and social media. Additionally, this is a brief preview of a larger project named AinCharacters

Character Puppets
We plan to do this in the form of puppets for Adobe Character Animator, which allows you to control a character using a computer camera
Wide Area for Use
In fact, there are so many ways how and where to use interactive characters. This can really make characters from NFT collections more popular

Get ready to experience the next level of NFT collecting with Angry Toads. Join us and be part of our extraordinary collection featuring an unparalleled variety of traits and cutting-edge digital collecting opportunities

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Frequently Asked Questions

The previews we share are directly from our ongoing design process for trait development. When working on any trait category, we consistently use a character with a default emotion. This approach allows us to focus solely on the trait design and analysis during the development process. Introducing different emotions at this stage could shift our focus and complicate the selection of traits, especially given the vast number of unique traits in our collection and the concept of sub-collections.

Rest assured, the final collection will feature a variety of emotions and different types of eyes, all of which have already been designed. Additionally, as we begin experiments with character generation using our trait set in the builder, we will share sneak peeks with our community. Currently, we predominantly post materials that will not be included in the collection. For more detailed information about this, you can visit the Angry Toads Drafts page.

More information coming soon!

We're excited to share more information with you soon! While we've announced the minimum character base and early concepts, please keep in mind that there's much more to come. We'll be sharing additional details such as styles, trait groups, traits, and other exciting features as our community grows. Stay tuned!

We will publish teasers of materials on our Twitter, Instagram and Discord server