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Unlock Premium Assets for Design and Animation with Angry Toads NFT Tokens

Owning an NFT from our collections is more than just owning digital art; it's your key to unlocking a world of exclusive resources to level up your projects. You'll gain access to a dedicated member-only portal packed with hundreds of premium 2D and 3D assets, plus professional video templates for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, and DaVinci Resolve. Perfect for creating stunning visuals for all your projects, from personal to commercial.

Go beyond owning just art. Join our vibrant community and unlock your creative edge today!

Released Products

Dive into our collection of premium digital tools, already available for you to explore and understand the depth of resources that await you as part of our NFT utilities. Our released products not only showcase the spirit of our team but also serve as a testament to the experience and innovative approach we bring to the digital creative space and its community

Product Name
AinTrailers for After Effects

Explainer Video Toolkit with over 5500+ elements and robust Character Builder, designed to bring your storytelling to life

AinTransitions for Premiere Pro

2000+ Seamless Transitions for Premiere Pro. Bundled with a powerful extension and tailored to streamline your editing process and elevate the quality of your productions

AinTransitions for After Effects

5500+ Seamless Transitions for After Effects. Bundled with a powerful extension, this toolkit is engineered to enhance your edits, making them smoother and more engaging


In Development Products

Our team is dedicated to expanding the variety of content types available for animation and video editing, ensuring our community has access to a broad spectrum of tools for their creative projects. Here’s a glimpse into the exciting products currently in the pipeline:

Product Name
AinMotion for DaVinci Resolve

Unlock over 1000 ready-to-use motion presets designed for versatility across any project. Designed for effortless integration, these drag-and-drop presets will streamline your workflow and enhance your visual storytelling

in development
AinFX for After Effects

Elevate your content with a premium pack of hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animated special effects. From liquid elements to dynamic flash FX like fire, smoke, and electricity, AinFX is set to be bundled with a powerful extension, offering a treasure trove of creative possibilities

in development
AinFX for Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush

Similar to its After Effects counterpart, this premium pack will bring a wealth of hand-drawn, animated special effects to Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush. Enhance your videos with elements that bring your visuals to life, all seamlessly integrated with a powerful extension for maximum creativity

in development

While the comprehensive launch of these products will proceed as soon as we develop the extensions with the necessary functionality to fully support them, as an NFT holder, you won't have to wait to start exploring their potential. Exclusive early access to segments of these products-in-development will be available through our member-only portal, offering our community the opportunity to experiment with these assets before they are officially launched

Exclusive Access to Unreleased Assets

In addition to the major products mentioned above, we have already created huge amount of high-quality 2D assets and animation assets. We are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing this content exclusively to our NFT holders and community members once our member-only creative hub is ready. We believe that this content will be a valuable resource for both creative professionals and enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks on our official X (formerly Twitter) and Discord server

Planned Projects

We're thrilled to announce one of our exciting new projects! While it's currently in the early stages of development, we're confident it will be something truly special. Stay tuned for updates!

Project Name

AinCharacters provides an online platform for creating custom character puppets for Adobe Character Animator, ideal for all types of online content such as online streams, podcasts, tutorials, meetings, and social media. You can choose from pre-made or customized rigged characters to bring your ideas to life

Creative Hub

The Creative Hub is a special platform designed to serve as the cornerstone of our digital ecosystem, exclusively for our NFT collection community. It will offer a comprehensive suite of high-quality design and animation assets, tools, and resources, meticulously curated to empower creators

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your NFT will serve as a key to our ecosystem, a creative hub that’s currently in the works. This exclusive space will be accessible only to NFT holders and our community members. In this hub, we’ll be rolling out different sections dedicated to each type of content (assets like hand-drawn icons, illustrations, multipurpose video templates, and more).

The creative hub will offer two types of content:

  • Free content: Accessible to both our community members and NFT holders, ensuring everyone has a taste of our creative offerings
  • Premium content: Exclusively available to NFT holders only

More detailed information about access and the portal’s features will be provided as we progress with the development of the hub.

Whether you’re a creative professional or an individual passionate about incorporating visual assets into your work or projects, our NFT utility is crafted just for you. Our NFT utility empowers:

1. Creatives & Designers

  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers and UI/UX designers
  • Motion designers, animators and video editors
  • Marketing & advertising professionals

2. Content Creators

  • YouTubers & streamers
  • Social media content creators
  • Bloggers & online entrepreneurs

3. Small Businesses & Startups

4. Educators & Students

5. DIY Enthusiasts & Hobbyists

Join our vibrant community and unlock your creative potential with our NFT utility!

Our NFT collection uses a different approach to rarity due to its massive variety of unique traits. This means traditional “Common, Rare, Super Rare” categories might not apply in the usual way. We’re currently focusing on crafting this diverse collection, so the impact of rarity on creative hub access and benefits is under development.

Instead, the primary criteria for unlocking access and benefits will be:

  • The Number of Tokens You Hold: Holding more tokens may grant you enhanced access to exclusive content, tools, and community features within the hub.
  • Collected Sub-Collections: Completing specific sub-collections, such as acquiring a set of 3 tokens from a themed series, will unlock special rewards and privileges. The more you dive into sub-collections, the more you unlock!

This approach ensures that engagement and active participation in our ecosystem play a significant role in the value you derive from it. We’re designing a system where every holder can enjoy a rich and rewarding experience, with the depth of their engagement amplifying the benefits they receive.

Further details on how these criteria will specifically impact access and benefits will be outlined as our creative hub’s development progresses. Stay tuned for updates, and thank you for being a part of our evolving journey.

Our major products come with two types of licenses by default – Commercial and Broadcast Commercial licenses. The Broadcast license is specifically designed for creating content for TV or streaming services.

As a holder of our NFT, we want you to have the freedom to create commercial content without any restrictions. Therefore, we are granting you the maximum license – Broadcast Commercial, which means you can use our products for personal or commercial purposes, including for clients in TV or streaming services. You, as a holder, will have access to generate licenses for our products through your account on our special member-only portal.

We are still in the process of determining the operational model for our AinCharacters project. Our team is exploring various models, including a subscription-based approach and a mixed model that offers the flexibility of choosing between subscription or one-time payments for individual items. As we refine our approach and move closer to the project’s launch, we will share more detailed information about the access levels and benefits available to NFT holders.

In our efforts to create a cohesive and engaging experience, we are considering integrating the functionality and content of the AinCharacters project directly within the member-only creative hub. This integration would enable us to offer varied levels of access and benefits tailored to different parameters for our community and NFT holders. Additionally, this approach allows us to create and feature exclusive character puppets, which will be available only to our community and NFT holders and not accessible on the public version of the AinCharacters platform. For instance, characters like our Angry Toads will be exclusive only to our community.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to develop the project and refine the benefits it will offer to our community.