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Angry Toads Drafts is a collection of illustrations that we share on our official social media accounts for the Angry Toads NFT collectionX (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

These illustrations showcase the traits that we have experimented with while searching for suitable concepts for our NFT collection, but were not chosen as the main traits for the final  collection.

We want to showcase the extensive amount of work that goes into creating our NFT collection and give you a glimpse of the creative process behind it. Many of these experiments have taken a considerable amount of time, and we are excited to share them with our community

The Experiments

We believe that emotions are a crucial aspect of character design. We conducted numerous experiments to find the perfect combination of mouth shapes for our characters' main emotion, as well as alternative emotions that would bring more depth and complexity to our characters. These experiments were not only time-consuming but also fascinating, as different emotions can completely transform the perception of a character with the same form.

In our draft showcases, we will share these experiments with you, showcasing a wide range of emotions that we explored. Additionally, we'll be teasing the main emotions that will be featured in our upcoming NFT collection, and we'll provide clear designations for these aspects in our posts

Idea with clans
We initially explored the idea of clans for our collection, which led us to experiment with various styles to create different types of clans. However, during further experimentation, we discovered trait concepts that were better suited for our characters as core traits. As a result, we shifted our focus from clans to other types of traits, such as clothing, hats, hairstyles, and more, and began developing subcollections with a more concentrated effort.

Unfortunately, this shift meant that we had to cut down on the number of styles to align with the updated concept of subcollections, which was a difficult decision. Many beautiful and interesting styles had to be filtered out because they did not fit into the overall concept, and we could only select a few styles for each subcollection

The Journey of Trait Refinement
Our team has undertaken an immense number of experiments in designing traits for various sections of our collection. Currently, we are in the process of filtering these materials, and there are many traits we regretfully have to remove from sections like clothing, hairstyles, headwear, and other key areas. Some are due to quality concerns, others do not fit into the sub-collection concept, and some are removed to reduce the overall number of traits in a section. In essence, a significant amount of traits will not make it into the final collection.

We aim to share some of these filtered traits with our community, further emphasizing our approach and dedication to the final quality of the collection. Our focus is not on the quantity of traits within the collection, as evidenced by the volume of filtered materials. Interestingly, these materials alone could have formed a separate collection. We are committed to realizing our ambitious concept with true visual diversity in the collection and ensuring it is of the highest quality.

In the previews below, you'll see that some genuinely good and high-quality traits will not make it into the collection. However, this should only pique your interest further, as it means that what will be included in the collection is even more fascinating, surpassing these traits in creativity and appeal


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