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Ainforce Pass - "All Access Pass"

Your All-Encompassing NFT Membership

The Ainforce Pass isn't just an NFT; it's your all-access key to the Angry Toads universe. Gain exclusive lifetime access to a treasure trove of digital products, design/animation tools, and ongoing benefits for all our NFT collections. Think of it as a multi-tool NFT, combining the power of a Mint Pass, Avatar Pass, and Digital Products Pass into one comprehensive package.

Designed for those who wish to be early supporters, the 'All Access Pass' is a way to back the development of our ideas and vision directly. Holders of this pass are recognized as OG members within our community, a status that honors your early commitment and support. This pass is more than just a key to exclusive content and experiences—it's an invitation to join us at the forefront of digital creativity and innovation.


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"All Access Pass" Benefits

NFT Mint Pass

NFT Related Benefits: Mint First, Collect More

Guaranteed whitelist spots for all our NFT collections
*10 mint slots per NFT collection with free mint price (only gas fee)

The "All Access Pass" primarily acts as a Mint Pass, granting exclusive access to all our collections with special conditions.

This pass secures your participation in the minting process and offers unique benefits not available to the general public. As a holder, you enjoy a privileged position, with first access to mint and opportunities that highlight our appreciation for your early support.

Live Avatar Pass & Digital Products Pass

Ainforce Pass: Your VIP Ticket to NFT Utility

Extended Level of Access
Exclusive Perks

The All Access Pass grants exclusive VIP access to our entire NFT utility ecosystem. It's more than early access - it unlocks a world of premium digital experiences reserved for our most dedicated supporters. This holistic approach ensures you experience the full value we offer.

Explore the full range of our NFT utilities, from digital products to live avatars.

Unlock Premium Opportunities with the Ainforce "All Access Pass"

[1 pass per 1 wallet address]

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Frequently Asked Questions

For our first NFT collection – Angry Toads, ‘All Access Pass’ holders will have access to 10 mint slots out of a 10K collection size, which is 0.001% of the entire collection.

As the sizes of the second and potentially third collections are not yet finalized, we will use the formula Collection Size * 0.001 to determine the number of mint slots. For instance, if the size of a collection is 7K, then holders will receive 7 slots (7000 * 0.001). This formula allows for a fair and proportionate allocation of mint slots relative to the collection size.

Although we can’t specify the exact token price right now, we do not plan to release any free collections. This decision is guided by two key factors: 1) the tangible utility behind our collections and long-term roadmap, and 2) the quality and volume of traits, along with the innovative concept of sub-collections in these collections. The work dedicated to our current collection over the past 1.5 years has resulted in a historically significant number of unique traits, ensuring exceptional visual diversity. This distinct approach distinguishes us in the NFT space.

The mint price for each of our collections will be determined and announced closer to their respective release dates.

“All Access Pass” holders will have the exclusive benefit of minting from any of our collections at no cost (zero price), only needing to cover the gas fee for blockchain transactions.

1. Designated Purpose

The whitelist is only for accessing the mint of one specific NFT collection.

“All Access Pass”:

“All Access Pass” acts as Mint Pass, Avatar Pass and Digital Products Pass. That is, it gives opportunities that will be exclusive only for “All Access Pass” holders.

2. Target NFT Collection

The resulting whitelist slot is only valid for a specific NFT collection that is currently planned for release. Please note that for each subsequent NFT collection, a new whitelist will be generated separately, and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain a whitelist slot again.

“All Access Pass”

By obtaining the “All Access Pass”, you will have guaranteed access to the minting of all future NFT collections that we release.

3. Number of Slots and Mint Price

Currently, each whitelist slot will allow for the minting of 1-3 tokens (to be determined). The NFTs will be minted at the standard price for one token, which will be specified and announced as we approach the launch of the respective collection.

“All Access Pass”

As an exclusive benefit, “All Access Pass” holders will be guaranteed 10 mint slots for every NFT collection we release, with zero mint price (only needing to cover the gas fee for blockchain transactions). *The number of slots is indicated for the 10K collection.

4. Way to Get a Whitelist Slot

We have no intention of selling whitelist spots and will not do so in the future. Instead, whitelist spots will only be awarded based on community participation or raffle selection.

“All Access Pass”

Purchasing the “All Access Pass” is the sole official means of acquiring whitelist spots, which are part of the Mint pass benefits. This option provides a great opportunity for individuals who do not have the time or capacity to actively participate in the community. However, it should be noted that the number of slots is limited, so act fast.

Please carefully read the points below so that all conditions are transparent to you and you agree to these points:

1. While the mint of the first NFT collection (Angry Toads) is one of the benefits and a short-term goal, the “All Access Pass” is primarily geared towards medium and long-term objectives outlined in our roadmap.

2. Utility from day one in the form of three existing premium products (AinTransitions for After Effects, AinTransitions for Premiere Pro, AinTrailers Explainer Video Toolkit for After Effects).

a) These products have already been released and we are ready to provide you with individual licenses as soon as you become an ‘All Access Pass’ holder. However, initially we can provide them manually upon your request through our private helpdesk system. Or it will be available on a special channel for “All Access Pass” holders in Discord.

b) Once the first 20 passes are sold, we will begin developing a special platform (Creative Hub) where you can log in as a pass holder, generate individual product licenses, and download the products. This process may take some time, but we will keep you updated through our official X (formerly Twitter) account, Discord server and on this page.

3. Planned premium products.
We have several premium products in the works, all of which are listed in our NFT utility page. While we have a substantial database of created materials for each product, we are unable to provide estimated release dates at the moment. The timing of each release will be dependent on two factors – the resources of our team and the priorities voted on by our community, including “All Access Pass” holders.

4. Our AinCharacters and Creative Hub projects from the roadmap are still in the early stages of development and have yet to be launched. However, once they are ready for beta testing, “All Access Pass” holders will receive exclusive access.

Despite the long-term timeline for these projects, we have already established a foundation of digital assets and asset parts, which will enable us to accelerate the release and initial content of these projects.

Ainforce “All Access Pass” NFT serves as a membership pass to all of the exclusive benefits and opportunities we offer (NFT Utility, Roadmap Overview), and can only be purchased through our official profile on the marketplace and nowhere else. So please be careful to avoid scam.

Link to buy:    [Coming Soon]

Dear valued “All Access Pass” holder, your support and trust in our vision and projects are immensely appreciated. Committed to realizing our ambitious roadmap, we are dedicated to ensuring an exceptional experience for you as an ‘All Access Pass’ holder. Your contribution is invaluable to us. Rest assured, we will keep you informed at every step, as we advance towards achieving our shared goals.

1. We are excited to announce that as soon as we sell the first 20 passes, we will begin developing a platform to integrate NFTs with our products and assets. We appreciate your patience as we work towards this goal, and if you would like to try our products before then, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our helpdesk support and we will process it manually for you.

2. To stay up-to-date on the development status of the NFT integration platform (Creative Hub), please follow our official Angry Toads X (formerly Twitter) account, where we will be sharing all related announcements and updates.

3. Once our Discord server is launched, we will create an exclusive private channel for “All Access Pass” holders where you can receive updates on pass activity and communicate with us directly. This closed group will also be the first to receive early special announcements and news about upcoming releases.

We will keep you posted on the progress of this section and will share updates on our website as soon as it’s available.