All Access Pass

Ainforce Pass - "All Access Pass"

The "All Access Pass" (Ainforce Pass) is an NFT that serves as a membership pass and grants you exclusive lifetime access to our existing and future digital products, design/animation relevant tools and projects, as well as benefits for all of our NFT collections. Only 300 NFT tokens are reserved for the Ainforce "All Access Pass"


Total Reserved Passes

"All Access Pass" benefits for Us

The Ainforce Pass serves as an additional means of supporting our team at present. As outlined on our “About Us” page, we adhere to a bootstrapping model that imposes constraints on our resources and capabilities. Consequently, the Ainforce Pass presents a valuable opportunity for mutually beneficial collaboration, benefiting both our team and our NFT holders

This will allow us to fully concentrate on

The development, preparation, and release of planned NFT collections
Allocating funds for advertising and related marketing costs
Implementing the full roadmap

"All Access Pass" benefits for You

NFT Mint Pass

NFT related benefits

Guaranteed whitelist for all our NFT collections (3+ collections)
*6 mint slots per NFT collection with free mint price (only gas fee)
Exclusively! The first 10 holders will receive 10 mint slots

*Only holders of the All Access Pass will have the exclusive option of a free mint, as the mint price will be applicable for our NFT collections. The number of slots is indicated for a collection of 10K

Live Avatar Pass

Animate cartoon characters in real-time by using your computer camera and the Adobe Character Animator software

Live avatar benefits

Holders of the "All Access Pass" will enjoy an extended level of access to our online AinCharacters project, which includes ready-made character puppets and an unique online service for creating custom character puppets
A dedicated exclusive section will be created for "All Access Pass" holders, providing access to advanced character puppets with additional features and extra traits. This closed section will offer an enhanced experience for our valued holders, allowing them to further personalize and customize their character puppets
Digital Products Pass

Licenses to all our existing products

AinTransitions for After Effects
AinTransitions for Premiere Pro
AinTrailers Explainer Video Toolkit with Character Builder for After Effects
All planned premium products

Exclusive VIP Access to our planned startup projects

Roadmap based projects (AinCharacters, AinCreative)
Conditions and level of access will be exclusive to "All Access Pass" holders only

You will get unlimited lifetime access to a huge amount of premium digital assets with simple licensing terms for use in personal and commercial projects

Unlock Premium Opportunities with the "All Access Pass": Your Key to Minting, Digital Avatars, and Digital Products

[1 pass per 1 wallet address]
Exclusively! The first 10 holders will receive 10 mint slots

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our “All Access Pass” NFT serves as a membership pass to all of the exclusive benefits and opportunities we offer, and can only be purchased through our official profile on the marketplace and nowhere else. So please be careful to avoid scam. Link to buy:

Please carefully read the points below so that all conditions are transparent to you and you agree to these points:

1. While the mint of the first NFT collection (Angry Toads) is one of the benefits and a short-term goal, the “All Access Pass” is primarily geared towards medium and long-term objectives outlined in our roadmap.

2. Secured base value in the form of three existing premium products (AinTransitions for After Effects, AinTransitions for Premiere Pro, AinTrailers Explainer Video Toolkit for After Effects).

a) These products have already been released and we are ready to provide you with individual licenses as soon as you become an ‘All Access Pass’ holder. However, initially we can provide them manually upon your request through our private helpdesk system. We hope for your understanding.

b) Once the first 20 passes are sold, we will begin developing a special section on the website where you can log in as a pass holder, generate individual product licenses, and download the products. This process may take some time, but we will keep you updated through our official Twitter account and on this page.

3. Planned premium products.
We have several premium products in the works, all of which are listed in our utility. While we have a substantial database of created materials for each product, we are unable to provide estimated release dates at the moment. The timing of each release will be dependent on two factors – the resources of our team and the priorities voted on by our community, including “All Access Pass” holders.

4. Our AinCharacters and AinCreative projects from the roadmap are still in the planning stages and have yet to be launched. However, once they are ready for beta testing, “All Access Pass” holders will receive exclusive access.

The first of these projects is planned for development after the mint of the first NFT collection and the completion of main post-release tasks. Despite the long-term timeline for these projects, we have already established a foundation of digital assets and asset parts, which will enable us to accelerate the release and initial content of these projects.

1. Designated Purpose
– Whitelist (Allowlist)

The whitelist is only for accessing the mint of one specific NFT collection.
– “All Access Pass”

“All Access Pass” acts as Mint Pass, Avatar Pass and Digital Products Pass. That is, it gives opportunities that will be exclusive only for “All Access Pass” holders.

2. Target NFT Collection
 – Whitelist (Allowlist)
The resulting whitelist slot is only valid for a specific NFT collection that is currently planned for release. Please note that for each subsequent NFT collection, a new whitelist will be generated separately, and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain a whitelist slot again.
– “All Access Pass”

By obtaining the All Access Pass, you will have guaranteed access to the minting of all future NFT collections that we release.

3. Number of Slots and Mint Price
 – Whitelist
At present, only one token (maybe two, tbd) minting will be available for each whitelist slot. In other words, only one token per address is permitted. The minting of NFTs will be available at the regular price of one token, which will be determined and announced closer to the release of the respective collection.
– “All Access Pass”

As an exclusive benefit, “All Access Pass” holders will be guaranteed 6 mint slots for every NFT collection we release, with zero mint price (only gas fee).

4. Way to Get a Whitelist Slot
 – Whitelist
We have no intention of selling whitelist spots and will not do so in the future. Instead, whitelist spots will only be awarded based on community participation or raffle selection.
– “All Access Pass”

Purchasing the “All Access Pass” is the sole official means of acquiring whitelist spots, which are part of the Mint pass benefits. This option provides a great opportunity for individuals who do not have the time or capacity to actively participate in the community. However, it should be noted that the number of slots is limited, so act fast.

Dear valued buyer, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support and trust in our vision and projects. We are deeply committed to bringing our ambitious roadmap to fruition and we will spare no effort to provide you with the best possible experience as an “All Access Pass” holder. Your contribution means a lot to us, and we will keep you updated every step of the way as we work towards our shared goals. Thank you once again for your support and investment in our NFT ecosystem.

1. We are excited to announce that as soon as we sell the first 20 passes, we will begin developing a platform to integrate NFTs with our products. We appreciate your patience as we work towards this goal, and if you would like to try our products before then, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our helpdesk support and we will process it manually for you.

2. To stay up-to-date on the development status of the NFT integration platform, please follow our official Angry Toads Twitter account, where we will be sharing all related announcements and updates. Thank you for your interest and support in our project.

3. Once our Discord server is launched, we will create an exclusive private channel for “All Access Pass” holders where they can receive updates on pass activity and communicate with us directly. This closed group will also be the first to receive early special announcements and news about upcoming releases.

We will keep you posted on the progress of this section and will share updates on our website as soon as it’s available.